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Well hello lover,

After a hot hot summer, the weather is slowly cooling off in preparations for the lovely fall colors. And I am excited and looking forward to showing off my fall outfits and dazzling you with the art of my conversation around a nice cup of whatever you wanna have ( me?), and a warm cup of your undivided gaze on me, with nice sprinkles of sweetness and lots of virility.

montreal courtesan
Are you here on a business trip? And need to balance the sheets with some human sensuality? Or maybe you are a Montreal gentleman looking for a female travel companion or someone to stay home with for a nice evening of cuddles and warmth? As a passionate Montreal Courtesan, whose gaze on life is evergreen, I am the answer to your questions.
An early riser or a late night bird, at will, I’ll be your “better than coffee” start kick off the day, or your “better than scotch” relaxation switch in the evening. Are you looking for a female companion to go on a trip to the Laurentians, someone with whom the beautiful things of life shine their vibrant colors? I will be your muse inspiring you to fully give in to the pleasures of now.

My Life As a High-End Montreal Courtesan

What about me? You may ask yourself “what do you like to do in Montreal, Adele darling?”. Ah, my sweet lover, there are these places, my little secrets, that make Montreal unique to me: enchanting and delightful – playful or majestic – high-end or simple and essential – unpretentious yet soulful – artistic and always ideal for an intimate mood. If you are one of those gentlemen looking for surprises and authentic entertainment, inviting me to invite you into my world will always leave you coming back for more.
You may be wondering what the life of a courtesan in Montreal is like. I would say every courtesan is unique. So I can only speak for myself. More specifically, you probably wonder what my life as an everyday woman is like. Well, in order to get the intimate details of my life you would have to get to know me. Wouldn’t you love this? Here, I can tell you this much: Adele is an indivisible part of the everyday woman I am. By that, I mean that Adele is a part of the whole, not separate from the whole.

Luxurious Companionship, Luxurious Lifestyle

High-Class Courtesan
As you may have noticed in my short movie clip, I enjoy Dance, Fashion and Luxury. Maybe, maybe if you get to know me better and if you enjoy dancing to the sounds of hip-hop, dancehall, house, I will take you out on a date in tasteful dance club venues. And for sure, I will definitely enjoy dancing for you in a more intimate setting, to reminisce from my life as an adult entertainer in high-end gentlemen’s clubs. You should also know that thanks to your generosity as a lover, I am able to afford the lifestyle of dance as an artistic craft, among other fantastic things. The beautiful body you see in my photos gallery is not the result of a gym/fitness routine. Rather it is the result of long hours of devotion to dance. There is much to be said about dance in lieu of gym-like exercise. Executing the movements and learning new ones require much soul work as much as it does body work. It’s not for no reason that Einstein called dancers the athletes of God.
And now my other passion, fashion! Oh, Lover! I have designed my own creations in the past. And at your request, I may design and create a brand new outfit in preparation for our rendez-vous or an exciting trip to exotic places. You may sometimes find fashion shots of my works on twitter. Looking for a nice gift to bring back to your wife? I could sure help! Though if she is the possessive type, you may not want my help; she might suspect something, knowing how clueless you can be when it comes to fashion ; )
Jokes aside, you don’t have to worry about my fashion etiquette, nor about my utter respect for discretion and confidentiality: from a dinner at the Tôqué, a Gala at the Ritz, to a getaway in Quebec City, or if you dare and need to, playing your assistant at a business meeting, I always know how to dress for each occasion and more importantly how to behave in different social situations, be they casual, formal, or playful…
Curious to know more about my lifestyle? Book a date with me now.

Kindly yours,

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