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Oh là là! I am excitedly looking forward to meeting you (again?)! New friends are the wood that expands my fire. And existing friends are the only alcohol I drink 😉 keeping me tipsy and nicely mellow.

Is it our first dance together? Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form below, providing me with the names, emails and web sites of two other upscale providers you have shared moments with in the last year. A man with references is like the Prince Charming: safe and secure. Haven’t charmed an upscale provider recently? Not to worry, click here and I will kiss the frog.

Un petit détail: whilst every love note sent to and from my inbox is for me to genuinely take care of, enquiries are handled by my assistant who ensures everything runs rhythmically in harmonizing our date. Please note: your personal information is only collected for the sake of the screening process and not shared with third parties.

I will need the name, email address, and website of two or three upscale, independent providers you have met within the last year.