Courtesan Etiquette: What to Expect When You Hire a Courtesan

What Courtesan Etiquette Should You Follow When Hiring Me?

If you’re here, the chances are that you are wondering what to expect during your first time with a courtesan, or more specifically, what you can expect during our time together!
There is something special about first meetings, particularly when the mood and atmosphere are just right, allowing two people to become immersed in a unique moment together.
Of course, to create these special moments, there are certain codes of gentlemanly conduct and courtesan etiquette that I expect one to abide by.


Basic Courtesan Etiquette:

I prefer a natural and fresh scent (no perfume), and the usual — showered and freshly fresh breath.

I am a health enthusiast: I don’t drink alcoholic beverages nor take any drugs. Feel free to enjoy a drink, and know that I appreciate a gentleman who can hold his liquor and remain in good taste. If you arrive at the date drunk or on drugs, I will leave right there and then, with no refund. It is not that kind of party!

Us In Public:
While I am very affectionate in private, I am also reserved and private in public. As such, no display of romantic affection is welcomed nor appreciated in public. Thank you for respecting my boundaries.

Location of dates:
Dates are arranged as out-calls only, at high-end hotels or your residence.

You will appreciate that I take my safety very seriously. A safe woman is a free-spirited woman and freedom is a sexy dress, especially on me when I am with you. So, help me feel safe and free to meet you for a date, and have a great time together. If we haven’t met yet, please take the time to fill out my booking form. There are two separate forms – one for those of you with references, and one for those without.

Montreal Courtesan

Before Our First Meeting: Courtesan Etiquette & Requirements

Reference Requirements:
Please provide me with the name, email address, and website of two upscale, independent ladies whom you shared memorable moments with in the last year. If you only send me their lovely names, I may never respond to you. Aouch! Did I mention? I am blunt in a sexy way. Blame it in on my Parisian upbringing.

Sometimes circumstances make it impossible to be on time. I understand this, and I can offer a 15-minute grace period, but after this, I’m afraid you will have to enjoy a quick date on the go.

My gift is to be placed in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter. If we meet in public, put it in your favorite book or a gift bag, and kindly offer it to me at the beginning of our date.

Courtesan Etiquette of Scheduling
Is our meeting so good that you are losing the notion of time? Ohhhh… I am glad we made it awesome together! If during our date you decide that you would like to spend more “us” time, I will be happy to oblige if my schedule allows. The rate for in-date extensions is $1,000 per hour to be paid in cash or by immediate digital transfer as soon as the extension is decided.


Life happens! I get this. In case you should have to cancel our date, here is the politesse and etiquette I expect:
· 72 hours notice – token punishment in the form of 40% deposit for our next date.
· 24 hours or less – 30% cancellation fee
· Should I have to cancel for any reason, I will return the deposit in full immediately. Bien sûr!

I tour occasionally, and if you give me enough notice, I am happy to fly to you when and where you want me to join you.

Here’s how it works:
· Rates vary based on the length of the trip, so send me an email letting me know about the trip details.
· I will reserve a flight and include its cost in the date price.
· A deposit of 50% of the rate will be required to secure the date. (For trips of 3+ days, 25% is sufficient)