Courtesan Rates: How Much Do Courtesans Actually Cost?

Discover the Many Ways That We Can Share Moments Together

Listed below are the many ways you can show your appreciation for our time together. I prefer longer appointments, and this is reflected in the requested offering, I am your Venus after all. Please note your abundant generosity is for my time and company only. Sensual intimacy is not contracted nor compensated. Rates are quoted in US dollars.

2 HOURS / Une rencontre fugace – $1250

You are still busy and those shoulders could use some relaxation, as well as your mind. With knowledge of acupressure, an intuitive understanding of bodily pressure, and athletic arms, I pride myself in being an excellent informal massage therapist. I kid you not, when I was an exotic dancer, I had regulars who came for just that: the massage.

3 HOURS / Une échappée relaxante – $1650

I can be as frivolous or as deep as the situation calls for it. The ability of being frivolous, carefree to the stresses of this world, is still an act of depth, if you ask me. Whatever hits your fancy on that particular day. Whatever we feel like: let’s make our minds dance. My body can massage your mind as it dances sensually to my selection of smooth relaxing music…. Shall we just freestyle it?

4 HOURS / Souper OU spectacle? – $1900

Tell me about you, connect with me. Let’s enjoy getting to know each other or reconnecting after a while, while enjoying delicious food. Or let’s go listen to music we love during the festival season. And let the chemistry take over and orchestrate the date. Who knows what will happen? It is always different and unique.

6 HOURS / Souper ET spectacle- $2400

Want to have a workout buddy or a dance class partner? Or someone who can help you discover Montreal while you visit? You are welcome to choose any of the previously mentioned presents, as you prefer. I trust I will have spontaneous surprises for you as well.

14 HOURS / Rêvons côte-à-côte— $4500

Overnight, overnight……Let’s figure out our day and night together, and let the time unfold naturally.

24 HOURS / Le temps: qu’est-ce que c’est, ça? – $6750

Forget about the daily obligations of your job and family life. Get a taste of freedom that you will take with you everywhere in between our dates. Return to your life with a renewed sense of vigor and inspiration. Face life with brightness, calm and hope.

MORE THAN 24 HOURS/Trips – It depends on the length of the date, please inquire.

I am more than happy to join you on a business or leisure trip and to enjoy whatever may be in this adventure with you. Please send me the details of your trip (dates, and destinations), and if I am available, I will get back to you with the amount of abundance necessary, including travel expenses. I request at least 50% upfront payment of the trip as soon as we confirm it, this will allow me to pay for the ticket, and to secure the reserved dates for you. The remainder of the payment is expected as soon as we meet in person.

If during our time together, you wish to spend more time together, the donation requested is an additional 400$ per hour.

For couples, please add an extra 30% of the rate.

For some out-calls, sometimes travelling to you takes a while, and therefore there may be a travel fee. Thank you for asking me about this.

















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