Looking for a Female Travel Companion?

Let’s Travel Together to New York City, Milan or Rio De Janeiro!

You may have already heard the saying “happiness is only real when shared.”

It is one thing to find professional success, to have the ability to travel the world and experience all the scenery and culture that broadens one’s imagination.

However, all the riches and beauty of this world become that much more when they are experienced with a real travel companion who knows how to enjoy them.

If you are looking for a travel companion to share the world with, I am ready to add a new level of color and detail to how you experience the world, enriching each experience we explore.

I have spent my life in some of the most cultured destinations of the world, from Paris and the greatest cities in Europe to NYC and beautiful Montreal where I live. Here are just a few worldly places I am exceedingly familiar with, and ones I’d love to share with you as an attentive female travel companion.

A Travel Companion To Share the World Together

  •      Paris – I know the town very well, this is where I grew up! I’ll be your guide in the Louvres, the Rodin Museum, and will take you on a nice walk in the Latin Quarter and we can check out the vibrant shows the city has to offer.
  •      New York City – Ahhhh… New York, my favourite city in the world. The spirit of creativity, luxury, and freedom all in one place. Let’s go for brunch at ABC and stroll in Soho.
  •      Johannesburg – I have always wanted to visit the town and check out its music scene. There, I can dazzle you with my twerking skills.
  •      Milan – Shoes, shoes, shoes… and of course, for you, wine 😉 and for us, food, architecture, the softness of life in the Mediterranée
  •      Rio de Janeiro – A Rio, the Fashion, the nightlife, the music, the dancing, the culture. To know Rio is to love Rio, and I fell in love with it.
  •      São Paulo – I want to go there for the fashion, and you can hold my shopping bags as we dress me with the best of Brazilian Fashion, and then you can undress me. Yes?
  •      Bombay – why not? let’s find out about yoga, and the Kamasutra, emulating spirituality and sensuality in one stroke.
  •      Bali – Yes, massages, the beach, the food, the local seamstress and tailor market, great for me as I love to have my creative fashion designs realized while I am on exotic trips.

Other destinations. I am open! Make your suggestions when you get in touch with me.

Gifts For Your Female Travel Companion

Though gifts are not expected, here I invite you to read about my tastes and preferences, should you want to spoil me. In the process, it is an excellent opportunity to know a little bit more about the sensual woman that you would be sharing beautiful and exciting moments with…

If you would like to know about my favorite Montreal restaurants and activities to do while together, you can find out about them here.

Fashion, books, and more…

In the mood to get creative and dress me yourself? Well, have at it through my Wishlist on net-a-porter, or……Or I invite you to think outside the box and be original and unique 😉 I also design my dresses with Vlisco print. Dare to help me create the outfit I will be wearing for the first time during our date: choose your print at vlisco.com and contact me beforehand to receive a suitable delivery address.


As we get to know each other, I will let you know of my favorite areas of interest, and you can, if you wish, treat me to learning blocks in these areas.