Your Spiritual Courtesan: Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

Let Me Show You How to Find True Happiness

While being with me, you will be in a state of inspiration, freedom, expansion, and playfulness.

After an encounter with me, you should feel relaxed, energetic and ready to “carpe diem”.

I love my job! I could do a million other things, and what I choose is to be here with you. Being here with you means being here for me. In so many other words, helping you connect with your inner joy throughout a hectic schedule makes me happy. Lose yourself to me while you are with me, to get your groove on in between our encounters.

Along with my company, and as an optional service to you and only at your express request, I also offer facilitation and coaching in processes of self-inquiries inspired from different meditation techniques that have proven successful in the areas of emotional well-being. And you know, from emotional well-being derives everything: success, pleasure, satisfaction, proper sleeping patterns, etc……..

Imagine getting some of that magic you feel with me and bringing it with you everywhere you go, without necessarily being with me. In every relationship you have, be it personal or business, your children, your ex-wife (or your wife for that matter), any one and any situation around whom you have been feeling stress, imagine now feeling inspiration, kindness, gratitude, and peace. And imagine being in a state of mind where you enjoy everything more, even our sexy Rendez-Vous. I kid you not, it is possible! Are you game?

We can look at various stressors in your life and use them as an opportunity for personal growth. Let’s unleash your stronger mind, full of wisdom and clarity.

As one wise person so elegantly said “Happiness is the way, and the end”. I say: “Let’s be Happy Together!”